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... far is a challenge.
The top is our goal.

Company "Alleco Speed s.r.o." was founded in 2007. We focus our business activities primarily in the automobile cargo transportation, recovery service and transportation of persons within the Czech Republic and across Europe.

Furthermore, we can offer our experience in wholesale and retailing of goods for cars and trucks, with wires of different materials, etc. In addition to these activities, we also ensure the repair of road vehicles and other transport means.

We ensure the transport of material by means of sets of semi-trailer trucks of brand "Mercedes-Benz Actros". We ensure then towing of vehicles, tractors or other equipment using a special truck "Mercedes-Benz Vario". As for the recreational and business trips, we can offer you fleet with luxury buses "Setra 417 HDH", "Renault Iliade", then buses "Karosa" in occupancy from 1 to 54 people. Since November 2008, we newly provide the transportation of persons using the passenger car "Mercedes-Benz Vito" (1 to 7 people).

With regard to retail and wholesale business, we can offer experience in buying and selling original and unoriginal spare parts and accessories for all road vehicles. We provide services in the repair of motor vehicles. We also offer expertise in ensuring the production of components and parts used in the automotive industry.

We provide advice and business services in the purchasing and processing of wires in diameters ranging from about 0.020 mm - to 10.0 mm, made of stainless steel, aluminium, copper and its alloys, followed by a low-carbon steel and high carbon steel (soft, semi-hard and hard design), including surface finishing (Zn, Sn, Cu, Ag, etc.). If you are solving the use of wire for the production (a type of material, technical parameters, quality replacement) we will be happy to advise you in this area based on our long experience.

Company "Alleco Speed s.r.o." is focused on building long-term partnerships. All business activities are directed to the objective to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. Satisfied customer, and repeatedly returning customer is the reward and the resultant effect of such cooperation.